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Monday, 2 April 2018

First, Catch Your Weka: A Story of New Zealand Cooking ~ David Veart

If you enjoy reading books about NZ history, historic cookbooks, and, cooking, I do, then I'm sure you’ll find this book interesting. Veart takes us on a journey of the foods available, recipes used, cooks and cookbooks of note, and, notes recipes that have influenced NZ cooks from early Maori settlement, up to and including, favourites now.   

I’ve added this book to my like-to-purchase-used list, though in the meantime I’ve jotted down a few recipes I'd like to: Short Bread from 1907, a Peace Cake baked in 1925, Sally Lun from 1939, and, a 1943 Wartime recipe for potato scones. 
Thanks to my family's propensity to overindulge in WWII documentaries, the later recipe is something I’ve been keen to try ever since Ruth Goodman mention using potato as a flour substitute in baking on Wartime Farm

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