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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Long Shadow (Inspector Ian Rutledge #8) ~ Charles Todd

I’m not sure I would want to read too many in this series if they’re anything like the Todd's Bess Crawford series, where the main characters never seem to develop much from book to book.  However, I thought this book was interesting enough as a stand-alone read, and the authors underscored the trauma WWI soldiers went through.

For others that like to know about things like this too: Ian Rutledge has the spirit (?) of his dead friend, Hamish, as his constant companion.  The Todds don’t include horrific scenes relating to any of the murders, or, of a potential rape.  One of the characters is ‘spiritual/empathic’ and conducts the séance at the start of the story.  Having read works of authors who lived during that era, séances seemed to be a popular parlour game back then.

Part of my Brit Trip reading challenge.  

Counties visited: London, Sussex, Northamptonshire. Hertfordshire, Suffolk.

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