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Monday, 18 June 2018

All Roads Lead to Austen ~ Amy Smith

epukapuka  N/F  (3-)
(This is a Latin American adventure with Austen’s books on board.)  
The writing style made for easy and an engaging, enough, book to keep me reading.  I skipped past the excerpts on Amy's personal love-life  - she’s romantically entangled with one man, moves in with him for a while,  and then once back in California decides she’d rather have this other, new, one she met before coming home … according to the last chapter ;) –  I just wanted to read the portions detailing the travelogue with Austen's books and the ensuing group discussions;  those were very interesting! 

For others that like to know things like this too, when tossing up between audio and written: there is some swearing (which would be hard to skip on audio). 

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