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Monday, 23 April 2018

Miss Seeton Sings: Bk4 ~ Heron Carvic

Narrated by Phyllida Nash  (2)      

The storyline in Miss Seeton Sings is more violent than the other Miss Seeton books I’ve read.  A character is ruthlessly dismembered in the bath and then distributed around Paris in suitcases – oh, and Miss Seeton unknowingly brings the victims forearm home inside a wedding present for young friends.  Add to that the brief foray into a naked stage show, that the author has a concussed Miss Seeton participating in, dragged this far-fetched tale right down into an unenjoyable farce for me.  
Carvic gift trans and homosexuals with a very positive - “we all accept your choice” - 21st-century vibe; very unusual for the 1970’s.

I prefer Mrs. Pollifax ~ Dorothy Gilman, Miss Silver ~ Patricia Wentworth, or, Miss Marple ~ Agatha Christie to Carvic’s Miss Seeton,  any day.

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