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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Venetia ~ Georgette Heyer

Phyllida Nash is one of my favourite narrators and then to gift her a Georgette Heyer book to read and I'm keen to listen!
For those who like a quick reference to the bible quotations, or Nurse’s misquotations ;-)
here is a list.
And, if you're looking for an annotation to the witty literary quotes and allusions Heyer uses in Venetia, try here.

While this is a clean romance, there are no bodice tearing or steamy scenes, the passionate attraction between Damerel -  a jaded womaniser, gambler, and, one of high societies outcasts – and Venetia – a sheltered young woman -  is central to the unfolding story. 

I always come away with the feeling that Heyer is (is she?) employing themes found in classic tragedies and fairy tales as the basis for Venetia.  (A beautiful, vain, adulterous mother who abandons the children of her womb, and, an embittered, selfish, wronged father who “locks” their beautiful daughter away from society.  A hero in the garb of a jaded, social outcast wins her heart – and despite misunderstanding and opposition, the ‘gods’ are forced to bless their love and devotion, and, allow them to unite.) 

And as other reviewers have mentioned, what was Heyer intending with Damerel proposing to have Venetia as hostess to an orgy once they are married?

While I really enjoy Mrs. Priddy (nurse) and Venetia herself, this is not one of my favourite Heyer titles - something in this book just feels a little off.  
I think this is an adult’s book, and would not give it to Daisy (16) to read.

Part of my Brit Trip reading challenge.  

Counties and towns visited: Yorkshire, York, East Sussex, London

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